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Aquarium Gone Wild Peru Apistogramma rubrolineata Apistogramma luelingi Prinobrama filegera Psuedopimelodus sp. Corydoras sp. Moema quiii Aphyolebias rubrocaudatus Liposarcus sp. Cheriodon kregii Gymnorhamphichthys rodondi Tyttocharax tambopatensis

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Gone Wild Peru S.A.C.

Carretera la Pastora, Km4

Puerto Maldonado,



Gone Wild Peru offers the opportunity to explore the Peruvian Amazon. This site communicates a deep understanding and great respect for the fish, plants, animals and the economic necessities of the forest people, an appreciation developed from living in the tropical rainforest.

Gone Wild Peru S.A.C. is the first and only authorized collector and exporter of live ornamental fish from the Department of Madre de Dios in Peru’s southeast Amazonia.

Gone Wild Peru S.A.C. is a company founded with conservation as a heart. The Amazon rainforest is disappearing as the world knows. The business goal of Gone Wild Peru is to provide quality varieties of ornamental fish for the export market. Collected fish are brought back to the Gone Wild Peru aquarium in Puerto Maldonado and evaluated for introduction into the commercial international export trade. To date we have discovered over 300 unique species. Many are new to science and most are new to aquarium fish enthusiasts.

Gone Wild Peru is also working to develop horticultural varities of native plants such as orchids, heliconias, and medicinal plants.

We have rare fish for export such as Corydoras weitzmani, Catfish, Peruvian Emperior tetras, Cichlids, Killifish, Apistogramma luelingi, Plecos, Ancistrus, other rare loricarias, Stingrays indemic to southeastern Peru, undescribed piranha species, new characins, our inventory of rare fish changes everyday,

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